Our Programs

Child Advocacy Center Program


We're a comprehensive, child-focused program based in a facility that allows law enforcement, child protection professionals, prosecutors, and the mental health and medical communities to work together when intervening in child abuse cases.   The main goal of all CACs is to make sure that children are not further victimized by systems designed to protect them.  We accomplish this by working together as a multidisciplinary team and interviewing children with trained forensic interviewers in a manner that is legally sound, following nationally accepted "best practices," and minimizing duplicative and unnecessary interviews.

Supervised Visitation/Safe Exchanges


Supervised Visitation

Supervised Visitation Program provides a safe and positive way for children to visit with their parents as their families go through a difficult and transitional time.  The child and parent are monitored by a trained, supervisor who is neutral to the family situation.

Child Exchanges 

Closely related to supervised visitation, this service allows the child to be exchanged from one parent to the other without being exposed to the conflict of the parents. This component provides supervision of movement of the child from the Custodial to the Non-custodial parent at the start of the exchange and then from the Non-custodial parent back to the Custodial parent at the end of the contact. Monitoring is limited to the actual exchange with the remainder of the visit occurring unsupervised.

Parenting Classes 

All parties involved in our Supervised Visitation Program are encouraged to participate in our parenting classes. Parenting is offered in an individual or group setting.

Laramie County MDT Coordination


A Multi-Disciplinary Team Meeting is a meeting held prior to a Court Hearing, and an opportunity for all the adults involved in a child's case to provide their input and recommendations. Examples of individuals that may be included in the MDT are school personnel, attorneys, and mental health counselors.